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                    Join conditions
                    加盟 · 條件
                    If you recognize the excellent brand, are willing to cooperate with us, and have the following conditions, then we look forward to your joining, join the excellent camp, a
                    create a better tomorrow.
                    Join advantage
                    加盟 · 優勢
                    Professionals come to confirm the site, measure the size, under the premise of ensuring accuracy and make full use of your space.
                    The company has advanced computer mapping software, according to your pattern and decorating style for your well-designed floor layout and three-dimensional renderings. Let you know in advance your office space.
                    In the headquarters has a large, diverse style of the workplace display, will be able to meet your different requirements.
                    The company is responsible for home delivery, and send skilled professional workers to provide free furniture installation.
                    Our engineering assistants will contact you and feedback all the way to meet your new needs in time.
                    We have a five-year warranty for the natural aging of furniture and a lifetime of maintenance for our products so that you can enjoy the convenience of our products without any worries.
                    For large clients, the implementation of regular visits twice a year to listen to your comments and suggestions
                    join online
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